Q: What is your service area?

A: We provide transportation services to all areas of Clark County and Cowlitz County. Transportation to Portland or other areas my be available upon request.

Q: What are your hours of operation?

A: Our drivers are available Monday through Saturday, 4:00am-7:00pm, and Saturday 4:00am-7:00pm. If you would like to speak with us to schedule transportation or have any questions answered, our office hours are Monday through Friday, 7:00am-6:00pm.

Q: Do you accept Insurance?

A: Unfortunately we cannot bill your insurance without a written confirmation from your insurance provider, stating that they will pay for non-emergency transportation. If you have a Worker’s Comp or Auto Accident claim, we will require payment, but can provide documentation for your reimbursement.

Q: Do you accept Medicare?

A: Medicare does not pay for non-emergency medical transportation. We will NOT bill Medicare under any circumstances. 

Q: Do you accept Medicaid?

A: We are a Medicaid provider, but we cannot accept Medicaid rides directly and we cannot bill ProviderOne Insurance. If you are a Medicaid recipient please direct all your transportation questions to the Human Services Council at 360-694-9997.

Q: How much advanced notice do I need to give for transportation?

A: We ask that you give us 24 to 48 hours notice, but same day service may be available when the schedule permits.

Q: Can someone ride along with me?

A: Of course! We encourage a family member to ride along with the patient. Just let us know in advance if more than one passenger will be coming.

Q: My house has stairs in the front. Will you be able to transport me?

A: If your residence has stairs please call our office with a description and the number of stairs. We will make an assessment and advise you of our ability to handle your particular situation. Additional charges may apply. Due to liability concerns, we may require that you get down the stairs yourself or with the assistance of a caregiver.

Q: Do I need to wait at the curb for my pick up?

A: No! Never! We will always come into your residence, hospital room, or anywhere you are waiting for us to pick you up and escort you to the vehicle. You never need to wait outside for our drivers.

Q: I need oxygen for my trip. Can you provide oxygen?

A: We do not supply or regulate oxygen. However, we can transport you along with your oxygen tank or equipment for no additional cost.

Q: Do I need to be in a wheelchair to use your services?

A: No! We provide assistance to people with all levels of mobility. If you are a person who just needs a ride to an appointment, we can help! However, we are not a taxi service and cannot accommodate the general public. We only work with seniors, people with disabilities, and people needing transportation to medical appointments.